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Hydr02 Facial

3D Hydro02 facial dubbed the 5* star facial’ and ‘The Red Carpet Facial’ is an innovative non-invasive treatment fast becoming the go-to facial for celebrities. Offering the latest in state of the art technology the Hydro02 Facial is currently the only machine to use up to7 different technologies. Find out more today in our Manchester clinic. 

This advanced technology alongside its multipurpose use provides the complete solution to an array of facial concerns. 3D Hydro02 facial targets oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening, dehydration, and congestion.

Results are visible with just one treatment!

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Hydro2 Facial Treatment

This results-based treatment is designed to effectively target fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, pore size reduction, and even skin tone. The advanced technology will smooth, hydrate, and cleanse the skin leaving you with a bright, glowing complexion. 

3D Lipo has created the Hydr02 Facial system to treat a multitude of skin problems and each client will have their own custom-tailored facial treatment to suit individual skin needs.

The 7 steps to each facial include:

Hydro peel / microdermabrasion

A combination of 3 different solutions (AHA/BHA) are used to cleanse, smooth/hydrate, nourish
(glycolic acid/lactic acid/salicylic acid/flower extracts/hyaluronic acid/oligopeptide -1/ acetyl
Hexapeptide 8. Powered extraction is used here to remove the ‘GUNK’ from the skin.


This vibrating exfoliation wand creates an effervescence on the skin creating the BOHR effect.
C02 is produced on the skins surface which releases oxygen from inside the body resulting in true
oxygenation. This allows the oxygen to be drawn into the skin. Active ingredients like Kojic acid and retinol have a lightening/brightening effect and the rose oil and hyaluronic acid smoothes and hydrates the skin


Applying oxygen to the skin @ +25% will allow the epidermis to increase cell metabolism. This
increase in blood flow allows for cell regeneration and reduces free radical damage. It also has an
antibacterial effect which has a positive impact on congestion. The products applied to the skin
are broken down which encourages skin hydration


shutterstock_755246356 (1)

Ultrasound is used over mask to allow for product infusion for hydration/anti ageing effects. The
thermal action stimulates the blood flow activating cell metabolism. The biochemical effects
stimulate fibroblasts for new collagen regeneration.

Skin lifting (500 Hz)

The electro – ion increases the absorbency of the cells for product penetration. Serums are
applied to the skin and the lifting action to the brow and jaw area causes muscle contraction for
that red carpet lift effect!

Skin tightening

Tri-Polar Radio Frequency is renowned for its ability to tighten the skin. The increase in collagen/
elastin production is down to the fibroblasts which are stimulated by the energy/heat delivered.

Fire & Ice

A dual modality technology which heats to 42 degrees centigrade and cools to an icy 5 degrees.


The heat causes the skin to produce heat shock proteins (HSP) which help repair the skin and strengthen the skin’s elasticity. Also helps dilate pores aiding product infusion.


This cooling technology chills skin to 5 degrees centigrade and is used at the end of the facial to instantly tighten the pores, decrease the surface blood supply giving that instant brightening/ tightening effect. It also locks in moisture and infused ingredients.

This five star facial is intensive and results driven. Results will be seen over time and a course of 6/8 is advised for maximum results. Suitable for all ages and skin types as we take prescriptive approach and adapt the technologies to your specific skin requirements. Individual consultations will be literally forensic to asses the correct facial/products for each client.

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Hydro2 Facial FAQ

The short answer is yes! As long as you are over the age of 18 and don’t have any prior direct medical conditions. A great bonus of this treatment is the technologies used can be customized to the needs of the client.  

The Hydr02 Facial is specifically designed to target the face, neck, and jawline. 

The hydr02 facial uses state of the art technology to ensure the safety of each individual getting treated. Some may experience redness after treatment however this is reduced when the cryo component of the facial is used at the end of each session.

As this is a non-invasive procedure there is no downtime at all! You could even get this treatment on your lunch break from work and go back straight after. We do however recommend that you always use SPF 30 or more to protect your skin at all times. 

This can vary depending on your skin type and the type of treatment required. In all instances, the facial will leave your skin looking hydrated, smooth, and glowing.