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Shockwave Therapy in manchester

Acoustic Wave therapy (AWT) also known as shockwave therapy utilises a sound wave to shrink and permeate fat cells (fat metabolism).

The shockwave activates the metabolism and clears the system of impurities (lymphatic drainage). It also increases blood supply which is great for skin tightening and it softens and strengthens connective tissue (cellulite).

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave works by stimulating the breakdown of fat, collagen synthesis and lymphatic drainage. The shockwaves squeeze the surrounding tissue and breakdown the ‘grid’ structure of the molecule.

The shockwaves induce the formation of waves travelling at speeds that will produce a cavitation effect. Pressure is created which causes an implosion of water bubbles releasing strong micro flows encouraging the breakdown of fibrous hardened tissue.

Fat cells are damaged and broken down, skin is tightened lymphatic drainage is stimulated for the removal of toxins. Great for treating stubborn fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Blood circulation is increased which stimulates the growth and strengthening of collagen which helps with the elasticity and firming of the skin

What Areas of the Body Can Shockwave Therapy Target?

Shockwave Therapy: The Lowdown

Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

A course of 8 treatments is recommended. There is no downtime and this treatment can be used effectively alone or as a combination with other 3-D Technologies.

Shockwave Therapy is a perfect accompaniment to Fat Freezing as it has been clinically proven (through studies in the US) that combining Shockwave therapy with Fat freezing accelerates the absorption of fat which will result in faster reduction in fat bulges.

As with all the Treatments a healthy lifestyle, exercise and drinking plenty of water will help with achieving the best results.

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