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Fat Freezing in Manchester

One of the hottest trends in non invasive body sculpting. Over 8 million treatments of cryolipolysis have been performed worldwide.

With no downtime and results that see a reduction of 20-40% in the treatment area its easy to see why its on the hot list.

Fat Freezing is an ideal treatment for those ‘pesky’ pockets of fat that are hard to get rid of. These can be found on the stomach, buttocks, love handles, arms, bra bulges, flank, thighs and even the chin area!

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Fat Freezing / Cryolipolysis

Fat cells are frozen to minus 10 degrees where crystallisation takes place and the cells that are permanently killed off are removed by the body naturally over time.

The fat layer simply decreases with absolutely no surgery (unlike liposuction). Each treatment area can take up to one hour but 2 areas can be treatment simultaneously.

3D – Lipo technologies also have the advantage of ‘Shockwave’ therapy which if used directly after Cryolipolysis will help with the fat metabolism and speeds up the fat freezing process meaning that another session to the same area can be carried out at 6 weeks rather at 3 months.

What Areas of the Body Can Fat Freezing Treatment Target?

Fat Freezing Treatment: The Lowdown

Results are seen after 2-4 months. This is a one off treatment however, each client is different so after 3 months an area may be treated again as appropriate. With this new revolutionary technology 2 areas can be treated together saving time and money! No downtime so you can carry on with your normal activities straight away!

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I am an expert in these treatments and focus solely on 3D Ultimate Pro and HIFU Face & Body.

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