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We specialise in a wide range of non-invasive medical aesthetic solutions for face & body.

Providing the most advanced and effective medical-grade treatments, helping you achieve your desired results

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3D Lipo Ultimate PRO Face/Body

3D - HIFU Face & Body

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3D Lipo Ultimatepro

The latest Medical Grade clinical treatment using the UK’s No 1 body contouring brand.

Revolutionary multi technology platform endorsed by renowned surgeons as a safe alternative to going under the knife. This results driven technology has a three dimensional approach ; removing fat, tightening skin and improving cellulite. Layering different technologies to maximise results.

The ‘Beauty’ of this is that it addresses all of the problem areas associated with your weight loss journey. 3D-Lipo Ultimate Pro can treat multiple body concerns offering prescriptive and bespoke treatment packages!

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This body contouring treatment will sculpt and shape and It literally freezes and melts away stubborn body fat.
A great alternative to liposuction with no surgery (totally non invasive) or downtime! Suitable for tummies, thighs, buttocks, flanks and arms.
You can also freeze that pesty chin away too!

** can be used with a combination of treatments to maximise results.

This is instant Inch-Loss using Ultrasound. The high frequency waves disrupt the fat cells very quickly breaking them down layer by layer and removing from the body. A scientifically proven highly successful method. Suitable for tummies, thighs, buttocks, flanks, arms and calves.

** can be used with a combination of treatments to maximise results.
Used for ‘fat melting’, cellulite reduction (body), and skin tightening (face and body). Can be used all over the face & body. Heat generated during this treatment both to the dermal and hypodermic layers, will stimulate collagen and elastin resulting in immediate tightening and smoothing of the skin. The heat also accelerates fat metabolism which causes fat cells to shrink resulting in contouring and reduced cellulite.

** can be used with a combination of treatments to maximise results.
Acoustic wave therapy (AWT). Shrinks fat cells, tightens skin and improves cellulite. Can be used all over the body and in conjunction with the other 3D- Lipo technologies.

Non-Invasive Body Treatments

Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis)

Cavitation Treatment


Shockwave Treatment

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3D - HIFU Face & Body Treatments

A Powerful, sleek dual combination platform for skin lifting & targeted fat reduction using the latest clinically proven HIFU Technology to treat both face & body concerns.
3D Hifu Treatments
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Medical grade clinical non invasive ‘tweakment’ for face, neck and jowls giving a natural result by lifting and tightening for a more defined jawline and natural brow lift.

The ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the targeted area known as the SMAS (muscle that surgeons tighten when doing a fact lift). New collagen is generated overtime.

Strengthens and tones from within to make skin smoother, brighter, lifted and tightened!

This is one of the most sought after treatments for rejuvenation and truly excels in this area. This is an intensive treatment giving long term results.

Targeted fat removal in a single treatment. Lower body only.

Great treatment for breaking down specific areas of fat in the fastest possible way.

Heat destroys fat cells and tightens the skin.

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Summer Body Bundle

Get summer ready with our perfect offer just in time for those lazy beach days!

4 x areas of Fat Freezing plus

6 x 1HR sessions of Radio Frequency skin tightening or Cavitation inch loss



Summer Skin Bundle

Get skin glowing for those makeup-free summer days!

Hydr02facial x 3 'Super' facials - 3 x 90 minutes treatments

This is a transformative facial system - completely results-driven!